XIBU touchTOWEL Dispenser

Towel dispenser - WHITE

XIBU touchFOAM Dispenser

Foam soap dispenser - WHITE

XIBU senseTOWEL Dispenser

Towel dispenser - WHITE


Soap dispenser - WHITE


Scent dispenser - WHITE


Toilet paper dispenser - WHITE

HD15 Future GLX Hand Dryer

Made from top grade Stainless Steel and Eco friendly hand drying time within 10 seconds.

C21 Future Hand Dryer

The C21 Future Hand Dryer is very reliable and can withstand heavy use

PVA Disinfectant Cleaner - Tub

Disinfecting Deodorising Detergent

PVA Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Spray

General Work Surface Cleaner
Designed to clean, degrease and shine all modern surfaces

PVA Degreasing Cleaner - Spray

A powerful formulation that is designed to clean/degrease all surfaces including general floors, walls, tiles and all catering surfaces

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